Put Him On

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“Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John…they recognized that they had been with Jesus”  – Acts 4:13

Ever wonder what people recognize in you?

The people who looked at Peter and John never saw them with Jesus, yet they knew where they’d been. The disciples who carried such a confidence didn’t just agree with Jesus’ teachings, they’d spent time with Him. Hanging out with Him is what caused people to take notice.

Jesus had a way of “rubbing off” on you. Peter and John’s confidence was not based on their knowledge of God, their affiliation, their Pentecostal experience, or their standing in the community. Their confidence came from being with Jesus, and everyone just knew it.

Today, we call it prayer. Of the many reasons to have a life of prayer, this may be the greatest. When people come in contact with you, what (or Whom) do they recognize?

Your love for music? Panther fan? Political position? NASCAR?


Paul instructed us to “Put on the Lord Jesus Christ” (Romans 13:14). Notice, “Put on.” Prayer is the clothing closet of the Christian life. This is why we spend time with the Lord in prayer. And hopefully, when people see us they will recognize, without us saying a word, where we’ve been.

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